Ready for the winter

The first winter with baby is a big unknown for many parents. But what do you really need for your baby? And how should the stroller be equipped so that your your baby stays warm and will be protected from the cold days? Find out some useful tips and tricks as well as the most important must-haves for the winter days.

1. The right clothing

Especially newborns and babies lose a lot of their body heat in a short time. Therefore, the sensitive areas should always be protected against cooling. With these tips you are always on the safe side:

  • Multiple layers: Several layers are able to warm more than the best winter jacket. For the bottom layer it‘s best to start with a cotton or wool/silk bodysuit. It is recommended to put on tights, rompers or trousers, thick socks or warm shoes, sweaters and jackets. A good guideline is to put on one layer more than you are wearing.
  • Mind the head: The most vulnerable point is always the head where most of the body heat escapes. For this reason a hat should belong to every basic equipment.
  • Prevent heat accumulation: It is important to capture the most important warning signals. If your baby’s neck feels very warm and sweaty, or if the feet are noticeably warm or prickly heat are forming you should remove a layer.

2. The right accessories for the stroller

Getting the stroller fit for the winter month is not difficult. We have listed the three most important points for you here:

  • A cosy blanket: To make sure your baby always feels warm, safe and secure, it’s always a good idea to have a soft and cosy blanket with you.
  • A warming footmuff: The soft cushioned footmuff with its cosy interior fabric offers your baby a snug warmth even in colder temperatures. The footmuff can be fastened to all our pushchairs.
  • A soft boot: The soft, padded boot brings an instant tucked-up feeling of snug warmth. The washable boot can be combined with all the pushchairs in the ABC Design range.

3. One the road

There are a few important things to keep in mind on the road:

  • Long drive? If you do a longer car trip, the car often heats up until your arrival. It is advisable to take off the top layer or to have a lighter jacket for the car to avoid heat accumulation.
  • Snowsuits are unsuitable for the car. A better idea is a combination of anorak and trousers or a fleece blanket.

If you pay attention to a few basics, you can enjoy the first winter with baby to the fullest.